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Compressed Air Coalescing Filter

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Compressed Air Coalescing Filter

New Alpha Series of Coalescing Compressed Air Filters feature a redesigned housing and a step change in element performance– making it one of the most energy efficient filter housings available on the market today.

Offered in a range of 18 models with connection sizes from 1/8” to 3” Rp (BSP Parallel), Rc (BSP Taper) and NPT. The New Alpha has a maximum operating temperature of 120°C (248 °F), an improved maximum operating pressure of up to 20.7 barg (300 psig)*, and flow capacities up to 1500 SCFM (2550 Nm³/hr).Designed with flow-optimisation in mind, the New Alpha Series features an all new advanced filter head design which, when combined with the New Alpha filter element significantly improves air flow and performance – increasing the energy efficiency within your Compressed Air system.Available in five filtration grades (X25 – 25 micron, X5 – 5 micron, X1 – 1 micron, XA – 0.01 micron & AC – Activated Carbon), New Alpha elements deliver significant energy savings with guaranteed class leading performance with XA and X1 grades achieving a saturated differential pressure of < 125mbar; providing lower lifetime costs and the highest of air quality.

The New Alpha Series of Compressed Air Coalescing filters are tested and validated to ISO 12500-1: 2007 guaranteeing the highest levels of air quality.

* 20.7 bar range (300 psig) at 120°C (248 °F) available when supplied with a manual drain valve – Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements

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