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Compressed Air Leak Audits

Compressed Air Leak Audits
Compressed air leaks are recognized as being one of the leading causes of energy waste on compressed air systems. Our training tells us to expect that 30% of the use of compressed air can be attributed to leaks in the system.
Our certified compressed air leak auditors use state of the art ultrasonic equipment to find the air leaks, we tag them and map them for your maintenance team to address or we offer mechanical services for leak remediation. We are also able to quantify leaks, assign an energy cost to them and provide training to set up an in-house compressed air leak management program.
Consider that one ¼ -inch leak at 100 psig costs 104 CFM of compressed air, that is 25 horsepower, in a plant that runs 24 x 7 and has an electricity cost of $0.15 per kW/h that adds up to $26,637.00 a year in electricity cost not to mention the unnecessary wear on your compressed air equipment.
Ask one of our certified Airborne Ultrasound Leak Surveyors to visit your plant for a free consultation.


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