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Our Valued Clients

CTI Compressor Technology is the leader in the industry with over 35 years sales and service experience.
CTI Compressor Technology Inc.

Service First!

Established in 2005, we are experienced in designing and maintaining compressed air systems for our clients. At CTI, service comes first! No matter what make of equipment you have or the nature of your compressed air system problem, our team has the knowledge and experience to get you back in production.
CTI Compressor Technology Inc.

Product Support!

When we sell you an air compressor, we are confident that we can provide unmatched deliveries on equipment and on service parts, as well as a full team of local engineers ready to assist us with their product.

Keeping The Pressure Where It Belongs

Compressed air systems that are correctly designed, installed and well maintained, reward owners with better reliability and are more energy efficient.


Our in-house compressed air system specialist are available to answer any and all compressed air related questions.

Valuable Ideas

Thinking outside the box is critical, when your plants production is on the line.

Excellent Timing

Breakdowns are never timely, knowing your service provider is available 24-7 softens the blow.

Budget Friendly

Competitive labour rates and locally sourced equipment keeps your compressed air costs low.

First class expertise and solutions


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