Compressed Air Auditing

Compressed Air AuditingOur Compressed Air System Audits are comprehensive and designed to give you the necessary information to make system changes based on real data. These audits are designed for use in the application process for SaveOnEnergy incentives. On completion of our audit we hope to show you the following:

  • What you have.
  • What you use.
  • What it costs.
  • What you waste.
  • Strategies, costs & paybacks for improvement

We are confident that when you engage in this process you will see the value of making changes to your installation and benefits in the way of reduced energy cost, reduced maintenance costs, improved compressed air quality and improved machine reliability affecting overall quality control.

Our compressed air audit team is qualified to perform this work in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Ontario Power Authority, holding Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems Certifications and Level 1 airborne ultrasound certifications, we use modern equipment for energy, flow and pressure logging and state of the art equipment for ultrasonic leak detection and quantification. We hold all requisite certificates and qualifications for the safe performance of this work within your facility.