ProDry HTD

High Temperature Refrigerated
Air Dryers

The Refrigerated, High-Temperature HTD Air Dryers range from 18 to 52 SCFM and are designed to handle air-inlet temperatures up to 180° F. The digital control panel allows for control and modification of many operating parameters to ensure optimum performance.

These units are specifically designed for use with 5-25 HP reciprocating (piston) compressors.


Energy-Efficient Variable-Speed Fan
Aligns energy-use with air demand

Two-Way Heat-Exchanger
Improves Efficiency & Energy Savings

LCD Microprocessor Controller
Maintains stable dew-point

High-Efficiency, Stainless-Steel Moisture Seperator
Extremely low pressure drop & smooth operation

Patented Refrigerant Circuit Design
Adjusts cooling capacity to air volume & temperature

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HTD ProDry™ Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated Dryer Function

The ProDry HTD removes moisture by lowering the temperature of the compressed air, forcing moisture to condense-out and drain-out. This process diminishes the possibility of rogue moisture entering critical work areas downstream of the compressor, improving overall compressed air quality and system-efficiency.

LCD Control Panel

Displays dew point and details of internal operation, such as compressor and condensate drain parameter values. The dew point temperature is digitally set, enabling an extremely low and constant dew level.

High-Efficiency, Stainless-Steel Moisture Separator

Guarantees an extremely low pressure-drop and smooth operation, even under heavy working conditions.

Patented Refrigerant Circuit Design

Adjusts cooling capacity to suit the volume and temperature of treated air.

Microprocessor Controls

Maintains stable dew-point and eliminates the risk of freezing.

Thermally Protected Cooling Fans & Safety System

Prevents compressor damage due to malfunction or high working temperatures.

Self-Adjusting Controls

Provide extremely low and constant dew point, while preventing icing.

Solid Construction

Powder coated, rugged steel cabinets with removable side panels.


Models HTD18 – 52
Type Refrigerated
Capacity 18 – 52 SCFM
Dew Point 37.4 – 50 F°
3 – 10 C°
Air Inlet Temperature Up to 180 F°
Up to 117.8 C°
Pipe Size 1/2″ to 3/4″