Automatic Drain Valve

Automatic Drain Valve
Pneumatic AD-9400

Designed to discharge moisture from the compressor unit each time the unit reaches maximum pressure and shuts down. The unit receives its ‘pilot’ signal from the compressor unloader, being tied into the unloader line by means of a compression tee.

Drain Valves are crucial components of a compressed air system. An accumulation of condensate in the air receiver tank will eventually limit air compressor performance, potentially result in the presence of moisture in the air lines, and cause an air receiver tank to deteriorate prematurely. An automatic drain, either pneumatic or electronic, ensures that any potential condensate is discharged from the air receiver tank regularly, optimizing system performance. Compatible with all air systems: Compressors, Filters, Air Dryers and Air Receivers.

Features & Benefits

Maximum working pressure of 200psi (13.8 Bar)
Minimum working pressure of 30 psi (2.1 Bar)
Anodized aluminum body
Stainless steel piston, spring, ball, screens, and reservoir
Minimal maintenance required
Buna seals and Teflon rings