Desiccant Air Dryer

DD Series
Heatless, Regenerative
Dessicant Air Dryers

The DD Series Heatless, Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer Ranges from 28 to 115 SCFM & Is Ideal for Flow Applications Requiring Extremely Dry Compressed Air.

Equipped with a Purge Adjusting Valve, Energy-Efficient Operation is Optimized by Allowing Purge Flow to be Adjusted and Aligned with System-Specific Air Demands. Energy costs are Reduced by Optimizing the Time the Air Dryer Spends Purging During the Regeneration Cycle.


Maximizes Energy Efficiency
Adjustible Purge Flow Aligned with System Specific Air Demand

-40 Dew Point Performance
Delivers Extremely Dry Compressed Air

PLC Controller
Allows Customization of Settings

Lower Energy Costs
Reduced Purge Time During Regeneration Cycle

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Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer

Dry air is critical in many applications, as well as essential in ensuring an air system’s reliability & efficiency. Excessive water (in liquid or vapour state) present in a compressed air system potentially causes a variety of operational problems, such as: The freezing of outdoor air lines, corrosion in piping & equipment, malfunctioning pneumatic control instruments, failing processes & products, etc.

Heatless, Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryers are instrumental in ensuring an air system’s reliability & efficiency and are commonly used in a wide range of industrial & commercial facilities requiring extremely dry compressed air, or where ambient conditions are below freezing.

Valves & Filtration

  • Purge Adjusting Valve
  • Two normally-open inlet solenoid switching valves
  • Two pneumatically operated purge exhaust valves
  • One shuttle valve
  • Re-pressurization valve to prevent desiccant bumping
  • Stainless-steel retainers
  • 0.01 Micron coalescing filter on inlet and 1 micron particulate filter on the outlet with automatic drain valves


  • PLC Controller
  • Left & Right Tower Pressure Gauges
  • Purge Pressure Gauge
  • Moisture Indicator – Alerts operator of elevated dew-point
  • Throttling Valve – Allows accurate purge pressure adjustment

Safety & Code Compliance

  • Twin desiccant towers built to ASME codes and CRN registered
  • DD dryers are CSA approved
  • Two silencers (Purge mufflers)
  • Two safety relief valves


  • NEMA 4 electrical enclosure with PLC controller
  • Input = 120 V, 60 Hz, Single Phase
  • Purge Pressure Gauge
  • Moisture Indicator – Alerts operator of elevated dew-point
  • Power consumption = 40 Watts


Models DD28 – DD115
Type Heatless, Regenerative
Capacity 28 – 115 SCFM
Dew Point -40 F°
-40 C°
Air Inlet Temperature 80 to 200 F°
26 – 93 C°
Pipe Size 1/2″ to 1″